blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7 We often feature style guides on our blog that offer suggestions on “How to Wear It” for the entire wardrobe. For this particular edition of styling advice, we thought we’d take a micro-level approach and hone in on one of the most basic, but often challenging, pairings – the shirt and tie. It's a necessary combination for the office, yet can remain an area of difficulty for even the sharpest dresser. When pairing shirts and neckties, it comes down to two basic principles: being mindful of primary and secondary colors, and pattern play. Here, we take three shirts from our Core Collection and Short Run and coordinate with neckties that will have you ready for a day’s work, an evening cocktail, warm weather weddings, or anywhere you need to look your best. Subtle Pattern // The Kingsley The Kingsley remains one of the most popular shirts of our Core Collection. The light blue Prince of Wales check, contrasted with a subtle purple box check pattern makes this the perfect shirt for any office setting. We paired this with the Pink Lockhart Tie to add additional color and pattern to the outfit. You can also wear this shirt with: The Blue Grant Tie, The Grey Hemming Tie, or The Purple Newton Dot Tie Colorful Checks // The Red and Blue Thompson Tattersall The Red and Blue Thompson Tattersall is another favorite from our Core Collection. The shirt’s colorful palette may potentially be a challenge for pairings, but we recommend coordinating with a blue or navy colored necktie, such as our Blue Caden Knit Tie, to bring out the secondary color of the shirt. You can also wear this shirt with: The Grey Butler Basketweave Tie, The Navy and Red Riley Stripe Knit Tie, or The Navy Butler Basketweave Tie Bright Color // The Orange York Plaid From our Short Run, the Orange York Plaid is a bold shirt that is seasonally appropriate for spring. The orange fabric with a light blue check allows the shirt to sensibly pair with a neutral or blue necktie. Here, we pair our Orange York Plaid shirt with the Grey Dixon Tie for a bold yet balanced look. You can also wear this shirt with: The Navy Truman Floral Tie, The Blue Lawson Dot Tie, or The Blue Hensley Paisley Tie
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May 02, 2014 — Ledbury