There are a handful of knots that can be used for tying neckties, but we’ve never gone wrong with the classic four-in-hand knot. It’s quick and easy, and creates the perfect sized knot every time. We handed Alex, the newest member of our Customer Experience Team, our Navy Westover Windowpane Necktie and asked him to put his knotting skills to the test. Here are a few tips on neckties: 1. Leave the critters in the closet. You can never go wrong with simple and classic necktie patterns. 2. Make sure to button up your shirt all the way and flip up your collar before you begin tying. This makes the process easier and cleaner. 3. The wide end of your tie should drape on the side of your dominant hand and let it hang roughly twice as low as the thin end. 4. When removing your tie, make sure to reverse the steps of putting it on, rather than just pulling the narrow end. We are all guilty of the pull, but remove your tie with care to ensure that it retains its shape. 5. A general rule of thumb is to pair pattern shirts with solid neckties, and solid shirts with pattern neckties. However, some rules were made to be broken and this one can be ignored if you are feeling adventurous – just make sure you coordinate.
We constructed our new Fall/Winter neckties from our favorite seasonal fabrics – winter wools, heavy cottons and cashmere blends – and are available in 2.5”, 3” and 3.5” widths. Shop our Navy Westover Windowpane Necktie and all of our newly released neckties here.
November 26, 2013 — Ledbury