TN1 TN3TN2-2 Although some of you out there may remain skeptical – yes, we’re looking at you – we’re celebrating the return of the turtleneck. No seriously, they’re back. But these turtlenecks aren't the same that your mom would make you wear to school on picture day. These turtlenecks have a modern edge and go beyond contemporary standards. First, lets take a moment to look at the origin of this often polarizing garment. As with most menswear staples, turtlenecks are a prime example of form following function. Dating back to the 15th-century, turtleneck-like garments have been worn for hundreds of years. Perhaps the most iconic predecessor to the modern-day turtleneck is the Guernsey sweater. Hardwearing Guernsey sweaters date back for centuries and were knitted and worn by fishermen from the British Isle of the same name. They featured a mock-turtleneck and were tightly knitted from coarse wool to repel moisture and keep seafarers warm. In addition to fishermen, naval officers, polo players and anyone who generally enjoyed the comforts of warmth wore turtlenecks. Menswear icons Steve McQueen, The Beatles and James Bond-era Sean Connery were all privy to the style. Perhaps the turtleneck’s greatest advocate was the late Steve Jobs. He recognized the benefits of adopting a personal uniform. The turtleneck was an essential garment in helping him become the world’s most recognizable CEO. Our Nicholson Turtleneck is a modern interpretation of the classic. We cut it slim but not overly snug. It looks great both underneath a jacket or worn solo. Constructed from a blend of merino wool and cashmere, making it incredibly soft, the fabric is mid-weight and available in navy and mélange grey. Grab one of these and channel your inner Hemingway.
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November 07, 2014 — Ledbury