It’s no secret that we have a deep appreciation for design and we frequently discuss our favorite designers inside the office. In addition to the greats, there’s a contemporary class of designers that are borrowing the clean and simple aesthetics of the mid-century era and making them their own. A few months ago I stumbled on this video featuring Los Angeles based designer Stephen Kenn and his Inheritance Collection. Kenn invites viewers in on his concept and production process and the cameras were there to allow us to follow along. The furnishings of the collection were created using repurposed WWII military surplus materials, custom-webbing belts, and welded steel frames, assembled by hand entirely in L.A. Straightforward design combined with innovative usage of materials; Stephen Kenn is right inline with the great designers of the past. For more on the Inheritance Collection, visit BM
March 07, 2013 — Ledbury