Ledbury Custom

The Ledbury Experience. Tailored just for you.

Bespoke Shirting


Preserving a century's worth of history, our Bespoke Shirting is handmade here in our Richmond Workshop. Your measurements are drafted into a custom pattern. Our Master Tailor then handcrafts a shirt that fits perfectly and is truly unique. With hundreds of fabric choices and design options, there’s no limit to what we can create. Bespoke begins at $295 and has the fastest turnaround at 1-2 weeks.

Made-to-Measure Shirting


Using the finest Italian-woven fabrics from Albini and Thomas Mason, our Made-to-Measure Shirting offers a difference you will feel. With every design element in your hands and tailor-fit customization, each shirt fits perfectly and is one of a kind. Shirts are made by our production partners in Poland. Shirting begins at $225.

Made-To-Measure Suiting


Custom created for you in Italy with Italian-woven fabrics, our Made-to-Measure Suiting is a cut above the rest. With 26 points of measurement and 24 design elements, full customization is in your hands. The end result is a suit or sport coat unlike any other. Suiting begins at $2000. Separates available at $400 for trousers and $1100 for jackets.

How it works


1. What is the typical turn-around time?

Bespoke Shirting made in Richmond has an average turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. Made to Measure Shirting and Suiting typically take 6-8 weeks to be created and delivered. Holidays can impact production time and ship dates. If your order falls during a time where turn-around would be impacted we will clearly communicate that to you. If you need the product sooner, expedited options are available for an additioinal fee.

2. How is pricing and what is the payment process?

All of our Custom programs are priced by fabric. Bespoke shirting starts at $275 and includes getting your measurements taken, an initial fitting and any alterations to your pattern. Once we have your pattern perfected, we keep it in store to make future orders frictionless. Made to Measure shirting starts at $225. Made to Measure suiting starts at $2000. While a deposit is not required, we do require you to bring a credit card to put on file. You will be charged when your full order is in your possession.

3. Once measured, can I order remotely?

Once we nailed down your perfect fit, it is possible to order remotely if you are not located in the same city as any of our retail locations. You can order through your custom contact and request swatches to be sent to you.

4. How long does the measurement process usually take?

The initial measurement process will take about 20-30 minutes, however we leave an hour for each appointment to allow for the design decisions. Once you are measured, you will not need to be measured again unless your sizes change, therefore you would only need a 30 minutes.

5. What kind of customization options do I have?

Both Bespoke and Made to Measure are fully customizable. You manage every design decision from fabric, collars and cuffs. We love for clients to bring in inspiration or we can help you create your next favorite shirt from scratch. We want the end result to be uniquely yours.

6. Can I send in my measurements from out of town?

Our preference is that you be in store for the initial measurement process. Most of the time, measurements from other companies or tailors don’t translate. Since all custom product is non-refundable, we want to ensure your product is perfect and external measurements prevent us from doing so.

7. Where are the fabrics from?

All fabrics that we use are sourced from Italian mills of the highest quality including Ariston, Caccioppoli and Luigi Bianchi.  

8. What should I bring to my second fitting?

It is preferable that you bring a pair of dress shoes as well as a button down shirt with your desired sleeve length to try on your new custom suit. That way our team can properly adjust both your inseam and jacket sleeve length.

9. Where can I get measured?

Only available in-store at our retail location in Richmond VA.