Header 1 Red Townsend 2 The Blue Fine Twill 3 The Collins Denim shirt Looking back, 2014 was a great year for shirting. Over the past 12-months, in addition to our Core Collection staples, we introduced shirts constructed from fabrics, patterns and styles unavailable anywhere else. This release included our first collection of printed shirts made in collaboration with the fourth Paul of Ledbury – Paolo Sala. Sure, some risks were taken, but we love a good challenge and wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re always curious to see what resonates with our customers, because, after all, your support is what makes this possible. So we took inventory, crunched the numbers and double-checked our math. Here are our most popular shirts of 2014: The Red Townsend Tattersall This Tattersall is one of the most versatile shirts in our collection, a testament to its popularity. Red and blue is a classic color combination that can be worn year round. Try it underneath a sweater or sport coat during cooler months, and wear this solo when the temperatures heat up. The Blue Fine Twill The inclusion of the Blue Fine Twill in this roundup comes as the surprise to no one. In addition to the white dress shirt, the Blue Fine Twill is iconic and deserves a place in any well-edited wardrobe. The Collins Denim Denim shirts are a favorite inside of our office and with our customer base, and the Collins Denim has remained consistently popular since its release over a year ago. In our opinion, the Collins Denim looks best when paired with a sport coat and knitted tie, but feel free to keep this casual shirt, well, casual. The Tuxedo Spread We had a hard time finding a shirt that we truly loved wearing for black-tie events and formal occasions, so we decided to make one. Our Tuxedo Spread was crafted from two-fold royal twill cotton and features a removable button band that enables the shirt to be worn with studs or buttons. The Urbana Box Check This is a great shirt to wear during the workweek. The Urbana Box Check is a classic pattern that looks exceptional when paired with a necktie. The White Linen Lightweight and loosely woven linen fabric creates a cool and comfortable shirt during the spring and summer. You’d be hard pressed to find a finer warm-weather-fabric. The fabric’s crisp texture easily absorbs perspiration and doesn’t cling to the skin which in turn allows air to better circulate around the body.
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December 29, 2014 — Ledbury