In terms of dress, there is an interesting contrast between the casualness of Christmas and the formality of New Year’s Eve. For an afternoon of unwrapping gifts, eating an unbelievable spread of food, and lounging in the living room with my family, I’ve always found it sensible to dress according to the pace of the day with maximum comfort in mind. Yesterday I opted to wear a button down collar underneath a sweater, chinos, and a pair of desert boots – this has actually been my go to Christmas uniform for years. New Year’s Eve on the other hand demands a bit more initiative in terms of wardrobe execution because it is an evening best spent away from the dinner table and outside of the living room. For New Year’s Eve celebrations, my experiences have always been parallel; many of the best I have celebrated were the ones spent in more formal attire. Last year, this was dinner and then heading to a party hosted by a friend – experienced in a dinner suit, black bowtie, and a crisp white shirt. New Year’s Eve is the night to set the standard for the next 365 days, so kick things off in your sartorial best. When dressing formally, there are only a few simple rules I like to keep in mind: -Leave the cummerbund at home -Always go with a black bowtie -Match your cuff links and shirt studs -Suspenders, never a belt -Throw in a white pocket square to create an interesting contrast Bottom line, channel your inner Bond and remember to keep things clean and simple. To complete your outfit for New Year’s Eve, enlist our Tuxedo Shirt constructed out of royal twill fabric with a removable button band that enables the shirt to be worn with studs or buttons. If you are thinking about going a slightly less formal route but would still like a French cuff, check out our take on the classic white dress shirt – the White Fine Twill French Cuff. Best wishes for the upcoming year! -BM
December 26, 2012 — Ledbury