BlueMicroHoundstooth_06thumb7modelcropTheDelaney7thumb7-1 Nature seems to have an uncanny way of grouping things into threes. Think about it: the number of people it takes to form a crowd, the minimum ingredients to make a satisfactory sandwich (BLT), and pieces of a suit all come in threes. Times a lady, sheets to the wind . . . we can go on. The possibilities are pretty much endless. One combination of three that we’re totally stoked about is our seasonal bundle. Here are a few of our favorites. For the Fall It’s a new season, so you will need to make sure that you’re sporting appropriate colors and fabrics that will keep you warm. For colors, going with earth tones, shades of orange and neutrals are a good place to start. The Brown Stuart Jersey is constructed from a lightweight Italian knit cotton jersey, which makes it perfect for layering. We’d suggest keeping this one casual and wearing it with an open collar and underneath a jacket, such as our Slate Huxley Sport Coat. If you’re looking for something for the office, go with the Orange Micro Stripe shirt. We designed it with a classic but versatile button-down collar. This shirt pairs well with the Brown Corben Dot Tie and the Brown Huxley Sport Coat. Feeling Blue Blue is a practical alternative to the standard white button-up shirt for the office and a great color to wear casually. The Blue Micro Houndstooth is a strong selection for the workday. We crafted this shirt from fine cotton poplin fabric, and the houndstooth pattern incorporates a subtle texture to your outfit. When it comes down to shirting fabrics, you can’t go wrong with our 120s collection. here.> Our Aqua Gingham 120 is a fantastic shirt for the office or for dressier occasions. Pair it with a navy sport coat to get the contrasting blues flowing. For a casual weekend, the Royal Blue Ashton Jersey is an ideal choice. Wear this shirt with a pair of jeans for a laid-back look. We kept the body short, so don’t worry about tucking it in. Prints and Plaids Prints and plaids never go out of season. Go ahead and wear that tropical bird print shirt with a sweater in the middle of November. It says that your mind has taken a quick detour from late fall to a warm sandy beach with a margarita in hand, and it’s okay to let folks know it. Plaids are essential for the fall. They are casual in nature but can be dressed up with a knitted tie when appropriate. Plaids look especially sharp when paired with a sweater or sport coat. Some sizes may be unavailable, so moving one of these into your shopping cart may require a bit of luck on your part. Here are a few of the plaids that are available in the bundle: the Seward Plaid, the Russel Plaid, the Forrest Plaid (only available in classic fit), and the Campbell Plaid.
The Early Fall bundle will be available through the weekend. Shop now.
September 26, 2014 — Ledbury