Linen, one of the oldest textiles in the world, has been used throughout history. Derived from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is strong and very absorbent but dries quickly, unlike cotton. In addition to its high heat conductivity, linen dress shirts wick away moisture while staying cool and dry against the skin, perfect for warmer climates or humid summer days.

Linen fibers are also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive skin or common allergies. Its breathability and moisture-wicking qualities further prevent bacteria and odor build-up throughout the day. Linen is also a more environmentally-friendly option, as flax requires little water, pesticides, or fertilizer to grow compared to cotton and is much more biodegradable.
man wearing linen shirt
Linen dress shirts are typically woven more loosely than cotton dress shirts, accentuating their breathability and lightness, yet linen's natural strength prevents the dress shirt from stretching or becoming misshapen. The loose weave combined with the flax fiber's natural texture gives linen shirts its distinctive look and feel. Linen dress shirts often age well, as washing linen dress shirts make them stronger, shinier, and softer.

Although linen's high tensile strength gives it its unique texture, it also makes linen dress shirts more prone to wrinkles, thus making linen dress shirts more suitable for casual or outdoor occasions. While we love the look and feel of pure linen, some prefer a cotton/linen blend, which provides the same coolness and breathability as a linen dress shirt without the propensity for wrinkling.
man wearing linen shirt

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March 24, 2022 — Deven Shakya