Poplin, also referred to as broadcloth, is the classic dress shirt fabric that provides a crisp, clean, professional look. This tightly woven fabric is robust, breathable, and cool to the touch.

For us, poplin is the ideal material for everyday business shirts or special occasions. Poplins tend to be thinner and lighter than other fabrics, perfect for wearing under a jacket or sports coat. Its simple over-under weave gives poplin the smoothest and silkiest hand feel while also delivering vibrant colors, perfect for check dress shirt patterns. This weave also gives poplin a subtle sheen, accentuating its dressy look.

man wearing poplin dress shirt

While poplin's fantastic lightness and breathability can make poplin shirts a great year-round option, it can be sheerer than a comparable twill, particularly white poplin dress shirts. Poplin also can be prone to wrinkles; however, poplin dress shirts are easy to iron and return to a crisp state with little effort.

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March 24, 2022 — Deven Shakya