Accounting for less than 0.005% of all cotton produced in the world, Sea Island cotton is widely regarded as the best and rarest shirting cotton in the world. While other high-end cottons such as Egyptian and Pima Cotton are highly acclaimed, Sea Island cotton's durability, silk-like feel, and ability to hold color far surpass its peers. Its extremely long staple length (above 1 3/8") and the "hairlessness" of its fibers make it such that the yarns get smoother and more supple over time.
sea island cotton
The best Sea Island cotton is grown in Barbados for its humid climate and consistent sunlight. This allows the cotton to grow uniformly throughout the year, and Sea Island cotton is constantly inspected by hand to ensure the highest quality levels are maintained. There are trademarks surrounding the use of Sea Island cotton; keep an eye out for "Certified Sea Island Cotton," as other trademarks such as "Sea Island Quality" are often found in the market and are not authentic Barbados Sea Island cotton.

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March 24, 2022 — Deven Shakya