Giro Inglese ("English turn" or "English weave") is an example of an open weave fabric that makes for a versatile dress shirt. Originally used for tennis shirts, the particular construction of open-weave fabrics creates a shirt that is similar to a fine mesh, allowing air to freely move around the threads while still maintaining a soft hand feel.

In particular, Giro Inglese dress shirts have a distinct geometric texture that pairs well with other textured fabrics, such as a honeycomb or birdseye sport coat. This unique texture not only gives Giro Inglese a distinct and classy look, but it is also the reason behind its great breezy feel as well as its flattering drape. Giro Inglese dress shirts are best worn during the summer months due to their lightness and fantastic breathability and can be attractive in both casual and formal settings.

man wearing giro inglese dress shirt
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March 24, 2022 — Deven Shakya