Twill is a fantastic everyday dress shirt fabric that is instantly recognizable due to its diagonal weave pattern. One of the three original weaves, twill has been loved for thousands of years for its soft hand feel, flattering drape, and versatility.

In our opinion, twill is the best dress shirt fabric (particularly for classic white or blue dress shirts). Twill fabrics are incredibly soft. They also tend to be thicker and less transparent than comparable poplins. The diagonal weave gives a dress shirt a flattering drape and helps it to keep its shape. The weave also adds a bit of shine (gloss), which gives the dress shirt more depth in texture when not wearing a jacket.

man in twill dress shirt

Twill tends to be easier to care for than other dress shirt fabrics. The uneven surface of the weave makes it naturally resistant to wrinkles and easy to iron.

One potential downside to twill is that it is a bit heavier than poplin and consequently might be warm in the heat of summer. But overall, twill makes for a wonderful option for work or leisure.

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March 24, 2022 — Deven Shakya