-6 -4 -5 -3 -2 -1 The summer is most definitely at an end, and it’s time to return to layering. Layering is a time-tested way to push your look a little further into the new season. A good sport coat is the easiest way to begin that process. Humidity permitting, we’d never leave home without one. They are equally great for a day at the office as they are for an evening gallery opening. Going to grab dinner and cocktails? A sport coat is an effortless way to suggest that you actually considered what you were going to wear before you stepped out. They help you stand a little taller and give you some added confidence, because frankly, you look pretty damn good in one. We produce our Tailored Collection twice per year. Each sport coat is designed in-house at our Richmond studio. To make the jackets a reality, we’ve partnered with a handful of Italian fabric mills and factories to construct the best garments possible. Quality and craftsmanship are integral to our business. It’s the foundation of our brand and at the core of every product. This season’s collection is a result of that commitment and one of our favorites so far. We’ve collected a brief list of some of the jackets and blazers that we’re particularly excited about. Our Blue Bishop Box Check Sport Coat was a favorite from last year’s collection. It’s a classic check sport coat and you can’t go wrong with adding this to your wardrobe. The fit is slim, and the tonal blue checks make this jacket a standout. Pair this sport coat with small patterns or solids to compliment the wider windowpane pattern. We constructed the Brown Waits Sport Coat from 100% virgin wool in a brown Prince of Wales pattern. It pairs nicely with slacks, or jeans for casual occasions. Wear this jacket year around. It might be a little too formal to wear to a Ryan Adam’s concert, though. The Calloway Sport Coat is our take on the classic camel hair jacket. The tonal brown is right at home with the colors of the season. As with a few of our other sport coats, we kept this one unlined because the virgin wool and cashmere blend will keep you comfortably warm. We’ve been working on our double-breasted blazers for nearly a year, and we’re stoked to release the Torrey Windowpane and Griffith Windowpane sport coats. We know what you’re thinking, double breasted blazers? But don’t worry. These jackets will make you feel more like a gentleman of Pitti, and less like Gordon Gekko. The fit is far from boxy and the windowpane sport pattern gives this some edge without being too boisterous. All of our jackets borrow elements of traditional European tailoring. We left our single-breasted jackets unconstructed for a more natural fit and they feature double vents, soft shoulders and patch pocket. We will be introducing additional products from our Fall/Winter Collection throughout the month. Be on the look out for sweaters and accessories in the coming weeks.
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September 13, 2014 — Ledbury