Showing some love for the ladies today with a round up of a few of our favorite femmes fatales. First up, Nico. This belle had a minimalistic sense of style, wearing mostly black and white solids complimented with an occasional patterned ascot. Her style was top notch in all of its casual elegance. She had a voice that carried away the likes of Warhol and the members of The Velvet Underground, kickstarting her musical career as a chanteuse on their debut album, "The Velvet Underground & Nico." She then went on to embark on an inspiringly uncommercial solo career- successfully as a brunette, a blonde, and a red head. Next, the lovely Marlene Dietrich - timeless style that was a step out of the box for her time. Her European features are striking... and have you every seen a lady make a tie look that good? We didn't think so. Look for Marlene in her 1930s breakthrough, "The Blue Angel," where she basically defines glamorous femme fatale. And last, but absolutely not least, Eartha Kitt. Eartha's enthusiasm for life is apparent in just about every photo of her that exists. Whether she was bike riding in high-wasted shorts, pearls and sandals, showing off her dance moves in the center of a train station in a skirt suit, or banging on bongos with James Dean himself, Kitt seemed to always be having a great time and looked damn good doing it. Most well-recognized as Catwoman on the popular TV series, "Batman," Kitt also spent many nights performing French songs at the cabaret. C'est si bon!
February 14, 2013 — Ledbury