Tavish08 copy Tavish12 Tavish10 After a long winter, we’re happy to see the return of the warmer temperatures that call for lightweight fabrics and a rich color palette. To embrace the season ahead, the Green Cumberland Sport Coat is one of our favorite new releases. Lightweight and constructed from a blend of luxurious fibers, this is an ideal jacket for the warmer months. We caught up with Tavish, our production analyst, to share some of the new sport coat's features. The Green Cumberland Sport Coat is constructed from a combination of fine virgin wool, silk and linen. Most of the jackets that we have previously released have either been a cotton/wool blend or were all wool. We’re taking a slight departure from this for the spring by incorporating fabrics that include both silk and linen. The reason for silk and linen is that they are breathable and lightweight – qualities we’re thankful for in the South. When temperatures rise, this is a sport coat that you can comfortably wear throughout the summer. In terms of quality, we’ve delivered a blazer unparalleled to what you would find from most retailers. Whereas other clothiers may incorporate synthetic fibers to mimic the textures of this jacket, the blend of virgin wool, silk and linen, combined with the Italian construction, makes this a unique jacket. The silk certainly is something that softens the sport coat and compliments its texture. The fit of this sport coat is much like a Neapolitan cut jacket – the body of the jacket is unlined, with a soft shoulder and fully lined sleeves. The shape of the jacket naturally forms to the wearer and fits like a cardigan sweater, hugging the shoulders without being too constricting or limiting mobility. This jacket is something that a person could wear to formal gatherings, but also to the bar with colleagues, to the office, or a picnic with a certain someone. It certainly is a more casual jacket but one with formal and elegant characteristics. The color palette is very spring – a sage jacket with a purple and pink windowpane pattern. This is a classic sport coat revisited with richer and more seasonally appropriate colors, as well as fabric. You can wear this with a lightweight chambray, cotton-poplin, or a shirt with a smaller pattern – perhaps a tattersall or graph check. Certainly a knit or raw-silk necktie would go well with it too. In terms of pants, a light slate or khaki would be a great choice. This would also pair well with a navy trouser, but there’s something about spring and going further into the season that I would recommend when it comes to dressing. We’ve had a long winter and the garments that are light in both color and weight are ready to come out. For shoes: bucks, loafers, or wingtips – this jacket wears well with anything that is classic.

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April 10, 2014 — Ledbury