HolidayBlog01-1 HolidayBlog01 HolidayBlog02 HolidayBlog03 HolidayBlog04 HolidayBlog05 HolidayBlog06 HolidayBlog07 HolidayBlog08 HolidayBlog09 HolidayBlog10 HolidayBlog11 HolidayBlog12 HolidayBlog13 HolidayBlog14 HolidayBlog15 HolidayBlog16 HolidayBlog17 With all of the Ledbury staff, closest friends and loved ones, we had a great time at our annual holiday party. Saison, a dining favorite for many of us in Richmond, hosted this year’s dinner and party. In addition to great food and atmosphere, our friends at Saison crafted a couple of special cocktails for the evening – The Trib Daddy and The Watson Collar – in honor of our co-founders. The evening went well into the night and we couldn’t have asked for better company or a more memorable time. From all of us at Ledbury, happy holidays!
December 26, 2013 — Ledbury