Reid01mail_image_preview-4 mail_image_preview-1When we set out to create our first collection of knitwear, we wanted to create a complete collection with a full range of collar styles. Two sweaters that we are particularly fond of are our Thorpe Moto-Henley and the Byrne Shawl-Collar.

Inspired by military sweaters from the mid-twentieth century, we constructed the Thorpe Moto-Henley Sweater -- available in navy and beige. We used classic ribbed knitting across the body and crafted a three-button-with-leather-loop closure to secure the neck.

Shawl-collar sweaters were the style of choice for many of the twentieth century’s most stylish icons, including Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy. Our cable knit Byrne Shawl Collar sweater is available in dark grey and olive green.

Both collars were designed to be functional – leave the collar down while indoors and flip it up when you find yourself outside without a scarf during unexpected temperature dips. Another benefit of a full collar is that it helps to frame the wearer's face in a flattering way. All of our sweaters are perfect for layering and the superfine merino wool will keep you warm throughout the entire winter.

You may not be a writer like Hemingway, but these sweaters will at least help you dress like him. Shop the complete 2013 Knitwear Collection here.
November 07, 2013 — Ledbury