There have been many great quarterbacks in the history of the NFL but few can compete against Joe Namath in the game of style. Leading the New York Jets to defeating the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III as one of the greatest upsets in NFL history, Joe played the sport with unflinching confidence, similarly to the way he dressed off the field. During his prime, “Broadway Joe” – the nickname a teammate gave Joe when he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1965 – created a persona greater than himself. Always dressed to impress, Joe would notoriously frequent many of Manhattan’s top clubs the night before game day with a girl on each side and a bottle of whiskey in hand. Miraculously, Joe would somehow lead his team to victory the following day…most of the time. Joe Namath is a true style icon and we collected some of our favorite photographs of Joe doing what he does best – looking cool. We all should take a note from Joe’s playbook, whenever there's an opportunity to wear a full-length fur coat and be taken seriously, why not go for it? *For more rare photographs of “Broadway Joe” visit
February 04, 2013 — Ledbury