While most of our designs follow a specific design ethos - think classic, but not stodgy, forward-thinking but not trendy - sometimes it takes a little customer feedback to remind us of why we do this in the first place. We design shirts for you, our customer, so naturally, you’re an important part of the design equation! Which is why asked for your input on our most recent Ledbury Lab release. Last month our in-house designer created three potential styles for a September release and we had you vote on your favorite style. The shirt that got the most votes would go into production in the Ledbury Workshop in our HQ here in Richmond, VA. We received over 1,000 results, and the Jackson Oxford was the clear winner, garnering 59% of the votes. The Monroe Print was the runner-up, with 22% of overall votes, followed by the Madison Popover, with 19%. The most exciting news is that the Jackson Oxford is the FIRST banded collar style we’ve introduced into our collection. We wouldn’t have guessed that you were seeking a collarless style - so we’re glad we asked! The Jackson is constructed from a classic blue and white oxford fabric and features a welt chest pocket with a banded collar for a cool, casual look. As always, it is made by hand in the Ledbury Workshop in Virginia and only 10 were produced. Banded collars have been around since the 1800’s and are unique in that they suit casual and also formal looks. It looks especially sharp layered under a blazer or sport coat. Be prepared for compliments - this uncommon style is sure to be a conversation starter. For good measure, here’s some more feedback: “Complex asymmetric plaid pattern instead of simple ones. Colors that are neither anemic nor overwhelming. Collars that are generous and classic instead of stunted and trendy.” -Fahd Syed Love your shirts but I live in Charlotte and I've never seen anyone ever wear these popovers that appear in magazines (and Brooklyn?). That strikes me as too precious, too trendy, too hipster. I haven't learned Ledbury to be these things.”

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September 29, 2017 — Molly Szkotak