September is one of the most popular months for many reasons. It’s a breath of fresh air after a stuffy summer and the city starts waking up, buzzing with activity and events. For us, September also means we take our annual trip to Paris to attend one of the biggest industry trade shows in the world. Premiere Vision Paris attracts more than 60,000 clothing industry insiders from over 120 countries worldwide. The semi-annual show, held at Paris-Nord Villepinte, includes six major industry players: yarns, fabrics, leather, designs, accessories, and manufacturing. Our CEO Paul Trible and Head of Design, Lindsey Hunt attend the show in search of inspiration for the future fall collection. This year, they went with our Fall 2018 collection top of mind. We chatted with Head Designer and industry vet Lindsey Hunt about what she saw at PV this year and what might make it into our future collections: “The mills we work with are continuing to experiment with chenille and boucle yarn and adding those details to shirting fabrics. There’s a big focus on heathered fabric mixes, mouline colors, lots of neutrals, and very subtle micro-patterns. We saw woven flannels for casual shirts that looked almost sweater-like. On the dressier side, there were super elevated crisp poplins that were very refined - definitely a heavy European influence there. The world of men’s shirting is getting further and further away from small to mid-size checks. The industry is exploring more textured and multi-dimensional surfaces and brushed fabrics. Many folks are incorporating dobby weaves into their collections. A dobby weave uses a specific type of loom. It’s similar to a jacquard on a micro-level in that it’s very intricately designed weaves that articulate a pattern and even color variation. We saw lots of yarns that look almost polished due to a mercerization technique that removes excess fibers from the yarn and gives it a slight sheen. "For Ledbury’s Fall 2018 Collection, we want to incorporate these dobby fabrics into our dress and business shirts. The highly textured brushed and sweater-like fabrics will likely make their way into our sport and casual styles. We’ll be less pattern-driven next year - and shifting into more subtly intricate patterns that lie in the actual weave of the fabric. We’ll definitely bring back cotton cashmere blend shirts in a bigger way for Fall 2018. We’ll also be exploring new silhouettes a year from now. Lot’s of exciting developments to look forward to!” Learn more on Premiere Vision Paris here.
October 05, 2017 — Molly Szkotak