Ed TraskEd TraskJonathan Hirsch Jonathan HirschSterling Hundley Terence Sullivan Terence Sullivan With monthly art walks, numerous galleries, a renowned art museum (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts), and the top public arts school in the country (Virginia Commonwealth University), it’s safe to say that the fine arts community is a cornerstone of Richmond’s cultural landscape. In the lookbook for our new collection of Short Run Shirting, we feature four Richmond artists who are making significant strides in our city’s artistic community. With works ranging from studio portraits to massive outdoor murals, each painter has his own distinctive style and visual aesthetic. Here’s an introduction to these four talented gentlemen: Ed Trask It’s impossible to drive down any major street in Richmond without passing one of Ed’s massive murals. Whether a commissioned or guerrilla piece, Ed’s work captures the energy of the city and breathes new life into the most unexpected places. Jonathan Hirsch Surveying Jonathan Hirsch’s work, you’re destined to come across a familiar face – Iggy Pop, Omar from the Wire, or a Washington Redskins quarterback to name a few. Largely influenced by pop culture, Jonathan paints familiar subjects in new and unfamiliar environments. By altering context, he challenges the iconography of the subjects themselves. Sterling Hundley Combining personal experience with universal themes, Sterling Hundley’s work is an exploration of human ambition and compassion. A highly acclaimed artist, Hundley merges techniques from illustration, design and painting to create a style that is uniquely his own. Terence Sullivan Cinema and celebrity play an important role in our culture. Terence chooses these as his frequent subject matter to create a dialogue and personal connection between the painter and the viewer. Outside of the studio, Terence lends his time to acting in plays . . . and occasionally modeling in Ledbury lookbooks – if you thought he looked familiar. There is a lot to love about Richmond, and the fine arts community is certainly one of them. Great artists not only live here but the city also embraces them. We were honored to work with this group of talented painters. Click here to view the lookbook. The new collection of Short Run is available, shop now.
April 16, 2013 — Ledbury