342A8375342A8298 “The key to longevity is quality.” The next leg of our journey brought us to the small production factory in northwest Poland where the majority of our shirts are sewn. We’re convinced that the people within those walls are constructing the finest shirts in the world. The founder of the factory, who has owned it for nearly 30 years, has become a mentor and friend. His philosophy, “the key to longevity is quality.” Our commitment to quality is the bedrock of our brand and guides us in everything that we make. When Paul and Paul set out to become shirtmakers, they wanted to produce the finest garments possible. To make this a reality, we sourced the finest Italian-woven fabrics and went to the best people to make them. Each shirt is cut from a pattern of over 20 individual components with every collar, cuff, and sleeve meticulously sewn on at 20 stitches per inch. We established a relationship with our Polish factory because they share our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Throughout the week, we will continue to share the stories of the men and women who help make Ledbury products come to life. Follow us on this journey here.
November 21, 2014 — Ledbury