Nothing keeps your shirt’s collar crisp all day quite like a tab collar. The tab rests between the shirt’s collar points and allows the necktie to sit forward and upward. Its function is similar to a collar-pin but is a little less flashy. Another advantage of the tab’s design is that it draws the collar in and helps to frame the wearer's face in a flattering way.

The tab first became popular during the 1920s and was a particular favorite of the Duke of Windsor – a man who lived his life in bespoke suits and is credited for many modern trends trends in menswear. Most recently, the tab collar experienced a bit of a revival thanks to James Bond sporting one throughout last year’s Skyfall. Today’s release from our Fall/Winter 2013 Collection of shirting is our first tab-collar offering -- The Coleman Tab. We constructed the Coleman Tab from a unique 2-fold soft and breathable light blue chambray fabric and included a snap-button tab and rounded club collar. Tab collars were made to be dressed up and we recommend wearing this with a suit, but it can also be paired with a sport coat or heavier sweater. For knots, go with a classic four-in-hand to both highlight the necktie and collar. Regardless of getting dressed to zoom across Istanbul rooftops on the back of a motorcycle, James Bond style, or just for a day in the office, throw on a shirt with a tab collar. Whatever your plans may be, you'll look effortlessly cool.
October 16, 2013 — Ledbury