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After giving it some thought, the solid white shirt is the most consistent item of clothing I’ve ever owned. It is the shirt that I first remember when dressing up for Easter Sunday, picture days at school, and what I wore for all of my graduations. I will most likely wear a white shirt on my wedding day, and for all of life’s major accomplishments. It is reliable, timeless, and will never go out of style.

The white shirt creates a sense of uniformity amongst peers, but is also a blank canvas that provides room for individuality. It is a shirt that looks equally as good when paired with a suit and tie, as it does underneath a sweater with jeans. Of the many shirts in my closet, most of them are white, with only slight differences between them -- collar styles, fabrics and pockets. Wearing a solid colored shirt is an exercise in simplicity. John F. Kennedy, who is widely considered the best-dressed Commander-in-Chief, best exemplified this. While fulfilling his duties as president, he was rarely seen without a white shirt underneath his suit. Kennedy, like many great men before and after him, delivered iconic speeches and made difficult decisions while in a white shirt. The White Fine Twill is Ledbury’s take on the classic white shirt and was the first to be introduced. This set the tone for all subsequent shirts to follow and still remains Ledbury’s most requested shirt. In Ledbury’s Core Collection, The White Fine Twill, as well as the Blue Fine Twill, are the standards for shirting. They are essentials for every man’s wardrobe, whether a sitting U.S. President, or an everyman who values the simplistic perfection of a classic. - Shop the White Fine Twill, Blue Fine Twill, and the shirts of Ledbury's Core Collection here.
July 06, 2014 — Ledbury