When building your wardrobe, it's important to start with the basics. In this week's addition to our Style Guide, we bring you The Essentials. Completely versatile and never out of style, "The Essentials" features the crucial items for every man's wardrobe.


Solid White and Blue Dress Shirts These items pair with everything in the closet. When it comes to style, keeping things simple goes a long way. This is a sartorial lesson learned from the master of simplicity, J.F.K., who nearly always paired a solid white shirt with his suiting. Button-Down Collars These collars are often categorized as "casual" because of their origins in sport. Button-down collars were invented for polo players to keep their collars from flapping up during matches. Wear one of these to dress up a casual outfit or with a tie and sport coat for a sophisticated casual look. Neckties When it comes to neck wear, you can never go wrong sticking to solids, classic stripes, and subtle patterns. The Blue Sutton Sport Coat Few pieces are more versatile than the navy blazer or sport coat. The navy blazer can be worn year around and looks great both in the office or off the clock. Accessories Accessories are often overlooked components of wardrobe building. Keeping your belts, pocket squares, and socks simple serves as a stabilizing factor to ensure a versatile wardrobe that will outlast ever-changing trends. Depending on the formality of the occasion, pair many these items with slacks, chinos, or khakis.
May 17, 2013 — Ledbury