Header 1 2 3 5 4 In a time of gift giving when receiving the latest gadget or gizmo is to be expected, perhaps pivoting back to a more traditional gift, like a necktie on Father’s Day, actually may be the best way to go. Although technology makes perfectly acceptable gifts, however, the newest ( fill in blank here) runs the risk of becoming outdated with each passing year. On the other hand, a well-chosen necktie is a timeless present, and one that seems to get better with age. Much like Rush Cohle's concept of time in True Detective, gift giving is a flat circle, and making an addition to your dad’s necktie collection every few years is always a reliable option. In anticipation of Father's Day, we took a look at our first round of summer neckties and picked out five neckties fitting for any dad. For the Traditionalist Perhaps your dad is a classic white button up shirt or Blue Fine Twill kind of guy. A traditional shirt, requires a traditional necktie. For this, we recommend our Grey Lockhart and Blue Witton Necktie. For the Laid Back Dad The Redford Denim Necktie is not your average tie. It’s constructed from denim, which gives it a laid-back feel. We recommend this necktie for the dad who likes to keep things casual. Encourage him to wear it with our Benedict Seersucker Stripe shirt from our collection from Short Run. A Couple of Stripes Stripe neckties can be traced back to England during the 1800s. Historically, military regiments, schools and private clubs adopted official colors and stripes with varying widths to denote membership. Today, striped neckties are available in a variety of colors, and you can never go wrong with one. Make any dad happy on Father’s Day with the Purple Wythe Stripe Tie or the Saunders Striped Tie.
Father’s Day is June 15. Shop our summer collection of neckties here.
June 07, 2014 — Ledbury