As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realize the importance of environment—both at home and in the workplace. We’ve been working on the office downtown and although it’s a work in progress, it’s getting there! We recently took over the adjoining space in our building and I think it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to creating a space that’s aesthetically appealing, conducive to the retail environment and a comfortable workspace. Some friends of ours have admirable talent when it comes to creating the ideal interior. One space I’m especially drawn to is “the Curatory” at Raleigh Denim Workshop. Raleigh Denim makes great jeans. They use vintage machines to handcraft “Great American Denim” (see chart). These guys are amazing and have great taste when it comes to aesthetic. “the Curatory” serves as a retail space where the brand stocks denim made in-house along with other products made by well-respected friends near and far. Their space is unique, creating interest using simple lines and shapes alongside animal skulls and vintage sewing machines. Great vibe and great product? Sold. If you’re ever in Raleigh, NC, make sure you stop by to check out the space and scoop up a great pair of denim. The Hovey Sisters, Hollister & Porter, are also masterminds when it comes to visual aesthetic and the perfect space. Hollister, who went to college with Trible, works as a publicist, interior designer and is well known in the blogosphere for her lifestyle blog. Porter works in PR and as a brilliant photographer. Their apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn takes vintage decor to another level. With a focus on design reflecting personal self and passion, The Hovey Sisters successfully strive to incorporate adventure, nostalgia and history into their interiors. The feel of their personal space is seriously ethereal. They have been described by many as “New Antiquarians,” and the title could not be more fitting. Their home is truly inspirational. Our space is full of personality and is on its way to achieving a similar comfort found in “the Curatory” and The Hovey Sisters’ apartment. With Trible’s affection for Southern Vintage and taxidermy, we’re on a solid path. As for the adjoining space, we’ve knocked down the wall and the new space is filled with, as suspected, shirts. Picking, packing and shipping has moved to the new space and the team is working on developing our original spot on 14th St. Recent improvements include the world’s largest fabric board and filing cabinets! Stay tuned. Cheers, Mel
March 01, 2012 — Mel Calabro