If there's one thing that defines the Prince of Wales fabric, it's its iconic check pattern. But what many people don't know is that the pattern has a fascinating history rooted in Scottish heritage and royalty.

Legend has it that the pattern was first created in the 1800s by the Countess of Seafield as a tribute to her tenant farmers, who were known for their unique plaid designs. The pattern eventually caught the eye of Edward VII, who was then the Prince of Wales, and he began wearing suits made from the fabric. Thus, the "Prince of Wales" check was born.

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But the story doesn't end there. The pattern on suits actually went through a revival in the 1970s thanks to none other than the punk rock movement. It was adopted by punk icons like Vivienne Westwood and Johnny Rotten, who saw the pattern as a symbol of rebellion against the establishment.

Today, the Prince of Wales check is a staple in men's fashion.  It’s a timeless pattern for a shirt or suit that adds a touch more style than your average check.

April 06, 2023 — Paul Trible