The western denim shirt is an iconic piece of clothing with a rich history. It first gained popularity in the 1930s when cowboys and ranchers started wearing them as a practical and durable work shirt. The denim fabric was tough enough to withstand the rigors of daily farm work and provided protection from the sun and wind.

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Rockmount Ranch Wear

The Western shirt received an upgrade in the 1940s when a company called Rockmount Ranch Wear added pearl snaps to create a shirt that was easy to put on and take off while wearing gloves.  Pearl snaps proved much easier to navigate than buttons for ranchers overworked hands.

During the 50s, the western denim shirt became a fashion statement as Hollywood westerns glamorized the cowboy lifestyle. Celebrities like James Dean and Elvis Presley helped make the denim shirt a symbol of youthful rebellion.

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Today, the men's western denim shirt continues to grow in mainstream popularity (no need for a horse or cattle). Its enduring appeal is a testament to its practicality, durability, and timeless style.

Our Charlap Denim Western Shirt comes with classic western style details like a curved yoke, double flap pockets and pearl snaps.  And it’s topped off with our all-new Western Collar that is a casual mid-spread with the perfect roll.


March 23, 2023 — Paul Trible