In the lookbook for our newly released collection of Short Run Shirting, we pair the short run shirts with our Spring Collection of woven neckties. Spring is the season for color and pattern, but combining the two can often prove to be a more difficult task than expected. To help give us gents some sartorial direction, we caught up with Juliana, our resident Style Counselor and photoshoot stylist, to breakdown the pairings from the lookbook. <1> The Damer Box Check & The Wilde Houndstooth When in doubt, go with the same color. The complementary light blues of The Damer Box Check's fabric and the light blue of the necktie create a natural pairing. The houndstooth pattern adds a subtle texture to the outfit and lies neatly inside the grid created by the shirt's box check. <2> The Oliver Plaid & The Red Maher Feeling a little bold? We paired the Red Maher necktie with The Oliver Plaid to contrast the predominantly blue of the shirt and to make the red of the plaid pop. <3> The Purple and Navy Royal Starks & The Navy Newton Dot Purple and navy check gingham makes this starks a bold choice. The navy of the necktie helps bring out the gingham pattern of the shirt. <4> The Bryant Gingham & The Red Watson Stripe The thin diagonal white and blue stripes of the Watson Stripe necktie coordinates with the white and blue check of the shirt. Constructed from a loosely woven cotton and linen blend, The Bryant Gingham is an incredibly comfortable shirt that can either be dressed up or down. For all questions on style, send Juliana an e-mail at Our first collection of April Short Run Collection is now available, shop now.
April 02, 2013 — Ledbury