It’s only December 4th and Christmas music has become nearly inescapable everywhere I go outside of home and work. No disrespect to Bing Crosby, but it takes songs with a little less tinsel to get into the Christmas spirit this early in the game. Just in time for when I was inching towards putting the needle on “Feliz Navidad” and waving the white flag of defeat, I stumbled on this timely new release from The Rosebuds. Christmas Tree Island is tolerable because it doesn’t go overboard on the sleigh bells, has the right amount of jazz influenced saxophone, and isn’t cheesy enough to be blasted through the speakers of your local pharmacy. (I may stand corrected on this last point.) Select a few songs from Christmas Tree Island to add to the holiday mix for your Christmas party, or save this album for when you are ready for it later this month. The 13-track album is currently streaming for free on Spotify and The Rosebuds’ Bandcamp page. -BM
December 04, 2012 — Ledbury