Lou Reed is often cited as one of the most influential musicians of contemporary music, and justifiably so. His legacy can be traced particularly in the genres of alternative rock and punk. From his breakout success as the driving force behind The Velvet Underground to his solo work, Reed inspired generations of musicians for nearly half a century. Reed was progressive, often pushing himself and his listeners. A notable song -- Street Hassle -- is an 11-minute rock opera broken into three distinctive parts, sung in a stream-of-consciousness manor with orchestral backing and features a brief spoken word segment from non-other than Bruce Springsteen. Reed’s complex lyricism explored the lives of New York City outsiders; always accompanied by his signature bare bones guitar style. We were all saddened by yesterday’s news of Lou Reed’s passing, but remain thankful for all the great music he left us. May the soaring guitar riff of “Sweet Jane” play on forever.
October 28, 2013 — Ledbury