What is the best dress shirt collar for your face shape?


While there’s no right or wrong when choosing a collar for your dress shirts, here are a few tips to find the best collar for you:


Round or Wide Face Shape

If you have a square, round, or wide face, you should try a point or mid-spread collar. These collars are narrower, and the tips point down vertically. This creates a vertical sightline for the eyes, slimming and elongating the face. Different degrees of spread will affect how prominent this effect becomes. For example, if you have a square face with a strong jawline, try the point collar to achieve the optimal slimming effect.

man wearing blue dress shirt

Narrow or Long Face Shape

If you have a diamond, oblong or tall face, try a spread collar to achieve a fuller look. Spread collars are wider and point away horizontally, which will help balance a longer face, making it look broader and more substantial. Try to avoid pointed collars, as it will only serve to lengthen your face.

man wearing blue dress shirt, sport coat, and grey tie

Oval Face shape

For Oval faces, since they are already naturally balanced, all collar styles will suit you. This is a great opportunity to get creative and express your personality through your collar. Try experimenting with different styles to find your personal favorite.

blue alden collar dress shirt

blue button-down collar dress shirt

hidden button-down collar

No matter what collar style you pick, Ledbury’s dress shirts all have a lowered second button, creating the perfect v-neckline that compliments all faces. Shop our Dress Shirts here

April 08, 2022 — Deven Shakya