What is the best undershirt to wear with a dress shirt?


      Undershirts are an often overlooked but still vital part of one's wardrobe. They serve several purposes, including helping to shape your dress shirt, keeping you warm or cool, as well as keeping you comfortable over long periods. Undershirts should be close fitting, moisture-wicking, and long enough that it stays tucked in all day. T-shirts generally do not make the best undershirts, as the average T-shirt is made to be worn as a T-shirt, not as underwear. Undershirts are constructed out of different fabrics and are made in different fits to specifically be worn under dress shirts. 

 man wearing grey undershirt

While white undershirts are the standard, they might not be the ideal option when the goal is to have an inconspicuous undershirt. Some shirts and skin complexions make white undershirts instantly noticeable, which can look sloppy. Try a light grey or light tan undershirt that does not contrast heavily with your skin tone to achieve an almost invisible look under your white dress shirt.

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April 08, 2022 — Deven Shakya