-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6Making a shirt, from the rough idea to the physical product, is what drives us. We're proud that we've been able to create shirts crafted with unparalleled quality and value. And, of course, it's a priority that our customers love our shirts as much as we do. So we’re always interested in seeing what shirts our customers enjoy the most. We've taken a quick inventory of the past 30 days of shirts. Unsurprisingly, the White Fine Twill was the most popular shirt. It’s the standard for shirting and the most versatile shirt in the market. With the exception of the White Fine Twill, we noticed a strong preference for shades of blue, ginghams and checks. Here’s an overview of the other five most popular shirts of the past 30 days. 5. The Corbet Twill Check We released this shirt as part of our Short Run Collection earlier this month. It’s a casual button-down that looks great during the fall. We crafted this shirt from a cotton twill that’s heavier in weight than our dressier cotton poplin fabric. The Corbet Twill Check is available in both classic fit and our darted slim fit for a more tailored fit throughout the chest and torso. 4. The Navy Cross Gingham If there was one gingham to own, the Navy Cross would be it. This shirt is a versatile workhorse that deserves a place in every man’s closet. It looks great underneath a sport coat or sweater, paired with a necktie or worn with an open collar. The fabric comes from a long staple yarn that creates a cool and comfortable shirt that is not easily wrinkled. 3. The Kinell Box Check The Kinell Box Check is a quintessential fall shirt. In addition to blue, many of the colors found in this shirt were inspired by the season – orange, red and beige. This shirt features a spread collar and looks great underneath a jacket, such as the Slate Huxley Sport Coat. 2. The McDaniel Chambray As the namesake for this shirt – Brian McDaniel here – I’m always pleased to see this shirt near the top of the list. The McDaniel Chambray is a shirt that feels at home in any season. The color is incredible, and the chambray has a distinct texture that always leads to compliments. Leave the collar open and pair it with a sport coat for a relaxed and casual look. 1. The Purple and Blue Carter Alden We first released the Purple and Blue Carter with a spread collar and it was a quick favorite with our customers. We decided to re-release the Purple and Blue Carter with the semi-spread Alden collar, and the reception was as great as the first time around, if not greater. This shirt that can be worn year-round as well.
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October 31, 2014 — Ledbury