Qx84rE7fk5AgJElf5QTVHeHimLVuVOocuNSGpGWTkcc2 3 4 5 6 As a brand founded on shirtmaking, we always strive to stay focused on the fundamentals. With this perspective in mind, we release accessories only if they make sense first and foremost to the shirt. This season's necktie collection makes plenty of sense and more. The perfect complement to our shirts, these ties have the ability to elevate any outfit. We designed all our neckties this year in our Richmond, VA studio. As always, our intent was to make ties that are intriguing but not overstated. We consider this balance the mark of a classic and intend for them to stand the test of time and smoothly transition through the seasons. Our ties are special in that we’ve forged a relationship with a handful of textile mills based in Como, Italy to produce them. We work with only the best manufacturers with generations of experience to deliver neckties crafted with the highest quality at an unparalleled value. Here’s a brief overview of some of our early favorites from the collection and the shirts we’re wearing with them: The Navy Foley is an instant crowd pleaser. The navy with pink and white geometric pattern gives the tie a subtle pop of color. This necktie effortlessly pairs with a navy or grey suit. For shirt options, wear this tie with our Blue and Brown Carrington Check, Red Townsend Tattersall, and Billingsley Plaid. The Dark Olive Fowler is a retro-inspired dark olive necktie with purple flowers and white squares. For straightforward pairings, wear this tie with the Purple Cross Cutaway and the Purple and Blue Carter shirts. We crafted our Grey Yeoman Tie from a cashmere, silk and wool blend. The necktie’s heather grey color makes easy pairing with a variety of shirts, and the tan and grey diamonds gives this additional color. We know that suggesting a white shirt in a blog post about necktie pairings is an easy out, but seriously, this necktie looks great against a white background. Reflecting the fabrics of the season, this necktie is thick, so you will need a more substantial shirt such as our White Royal Twill. You can also wear this tie with the Urbana Box Check, Green and Blue Carter, and the Brown Ridel Gingham shirts. To add a vibrant color to your outfit, go with the Red Cavanuagh Dot Tie. We made this tie with red twill fabric with light blue and royal blue dots. For a sophisticated look, pair this with the Light Blue Barlow Stripe, the Lochlan Gingham, and The Sky Blue Parker Gingham Alden. Rounding out this list is our Purple Lainer Dot Tie. This is a purple necktie with multi-colored hollow dots and constructed from a blend of wool and silk. For pairings, we suggest wearing this necktie with the Purple and Brown Townsend Tattersall and the Essex Stripe 120.
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October 28, 2014 — Ledbury