It takes the world's greatest craftspeople to create the world's greatest clothing.


Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship led us to some of the finest mills in the world. We work with centuries-old Italian and Japanese mills that have quality and innovation in their blood. It leads to fabric that looks and feels like no other.


Our approach to production factories is much like our approach to fabric mills: only work with the best. The majority of our shirting is sewn in a small factory in northwest Poland. The founder of the factory, who has owned it for nearly 30 years, has become a mentor and friend. His philosophy: the key to longevity is quality.


Our sweaters come from a small mill just outside of Treviso in the northeastern part of Italy. There we meet Alessandro, whose family has been making sweaters since the 1940's. The craftspeople there use great wool, precise looms and skilled handwork to turn out an exceptional piece.


Four generations of craftspeople have been stitching sport coats and suits with a passion for the art of tailoring that can only be inherited. Working closely with pattern makers, we developed a fit that is modern in form. We select wool, cotton and cashmere from Italy’s most prestigious mills—Colombo, Cerruti, Zegna, and Loro Piana.


We found our favorite ties in the town of Como in northern Italy. The city’s specialty has always been silk, and in the 19th century, a number of small tie factories emerged to create ties nearby. The factory where each of our ties is made is just down the road from the 100 year old mill where the fabric is woven. Alfonzo, a third generation fabric maker in Como, helps us produce each Ledbury tie collection.


When we first set out in the clothing business, we knew that we wanted to be more than just designers. We wanted to be makers. In 2015, we took the lessons learned from our European partners and revived one of America’s oldest bespoke shirtmakers.

Today, we carry on a century-old bespoke tailoring tradition in our Richmond workshop, where our master craftsmen make custom shirts by hand. This intricate work continually sharpens our craft and grounds our brand in the values that we believe are most important: quality and craftsmanship.