With all of the madness going down this month, we thought it only necessary to share our own take on the ELITE 8 with a best dressed college basketball coach edition. We polled our staff and the results are in. In no particular order, here are our picks for best dressed. (Don’t sleep on cueing up “WHOOMP! There it is” before you start reading!) Skip straight to shopping our take on Head Coach style here.

“Lefty” Driesell

This Norfolk, VA native is the only coach to win over 100 games at 4 different colleges. He’s also known for his classic style, and could often be spotted on the sidelines sporting a skinny tie back in the day. Take a tip from Driesell and sport a knit tie. Our top pick: The Woodmere Knit Ties, available in charcoal, olivine and blue. Get the look here.

Kevin Ollie

UConn’s star player turned star Head Coach always looks sharp on the court. His best look? A spread collar dress shirt and a navy suit. Keep your look dialed in like Ollie with our Navy Wellington Sport Coat and Urbana Box Check. Get the look here.

Jim Boeheim

‘CUUUSE! This Syracuse Head Coach has an impressive track record on the court and at the helm of the Orange. His vintage style is just as great as his present-day look. Channel vintage Jim with The Glenbeigh Plaid Sport Coat, or present-day Jim with The Granite Barlow Sport Coat and Richmond Chinos. Get the look here.

Roy Williams

This coaching legend has led the Tar Heels to 9 conference titles. His go-to look? A windowpane sport coat and a Tar Heel blue tie, always. Get the look with our Barnard Windowpane Sport Coat, Richmond Chinos and Farber Tie. Get the look here.

Mike Brey

This boss has led the Fighting Irish to a pretty impressive 382-187 record. While the early 2000s were perfect for his mock-neck sweater/sport coat combo, we’re big fans of his new go-to: an Oxford paired with a classic suit, no tie necessary. Try our Blue Mayfield Oxford for a tried and true look. Get the look here.

Bob McKillop

Currently Head Coach at Davidson (Ledbury Co-Founder Paul Watson’s alma mater, represent!). The Wildcats love McKillop so much, they named the court of the on-campus arena “McKillop Court.” His outfitting is so consistent, it could be considered uniform: white fine twill spread, a black suit and, of course, a red tie. Pick up our White Fine Twill Spread and Stoddard Tie for a classic look. Get the look here.

Johnny Dawkins

Dawkins game-day attire never fails — a tailored suit, crisp white shirt, and a tie that shows off some personality. We like that he mixes it up just enough. He’s currently Head Coach at UCF, and has had a pretty notable career as part of the coaching team at Duke, and as Head Coach at Stanford where he led the Cardinal to two NIT wins and one Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. Spruce up your tie collection with our Berry Overbrook Dot Tie, Cadet Blue Racton Tie or Navy Marion Tie. Get the look here.

Jay Wright

Jay Wright fans have created a Twitter account dedicated entirely to his suit — that’s saying something. This man always looks sharp, and his suiting choices signal that he takes an interest in what he’s wearing on court (either that, or he has a really awesome stylist). He’s not afraid to sport color, and for that, we commend him. We suppose leading Villanova to an NCAA Tournament win in 2016, along with his lengthy list of regional tournament wins, are pretty commendable accomplishments, too. Our picks for a Jay Wright-inspired look? A colorful sport coat like our Sage Byers or Brown Barlow and classic Richmond Chinos. Get the look here.
“Lefty" Driesell — 1: Public Domain. 2: Date unknown. Southern Conference.
Bob McKillop — 1: 2015. Alex Prusator, Her Campus at Davidson. 2: 2008. Pictured with Stephen Curry. Chris Seward The (Raleigh) News & Observer via The Charlotte Observer.
Johnny Dawkins — 1: 2016. Hoopdirt. 2: 2016. CBS Sports.
March 24, 2017 — Mel Calabro