Stretchy, light, wrinkle-free fabrics have been ubiquitous in activewear and athleisure over the past years. These performance fabrics not only have a relaxed 4-way stretch and exceptional lightness and breathability, but now they can have a look and feel just like your favorite dress shirts. More and more people are finding that performance fabrics are not only great for the gym but their ease and comfort can also be enjoyed at the office.

Dress shirts made from performance fabrics are often the most low-maintenance shirts. They never shrink or fade in the wash, and colors will not bleed onto other clothing. Performance dress shirts are also wrinkle-free, seldom needing an iron out of the dryer. Due to their moisture-wicking qualities, performance fabrics have very low levels of absorption, preventing odor build-up and the dreaded pit stains.
man wearing performance button-down shirt
As fabric technology gets better, performance fabrics will only continue to improve and find their way into the wardrobe of the contemporary professional. Providing unparalleled comfort and a sharp appearance, performance fabric dress shirts can be dressed up or down, perfect for hot summer months or long days at the office.

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March 24, 2022 — Deven Shakya