Our Favorite Mint Julep Recipe

Our Favorite Mint Julep Recipe

Published on April 26, 2018

Our favorite Mint Julep recipe is pretty simple. With just four ingredients, it's easy to remember and lets your favorite bourbon shine. Cheers.


1/2 oz. superfine sugar
1 oz. hot water 8 mint leaves, plus one mint sprig
2 oz. your favorite bourbon
Your favorite Ledbury shirt


1. Dissolve the sugar in the hot water in a julep cup or old fashioned glass
2. Add mint leaves and gently press them with a spoon to squeeze the oils out 3. Add bourbon
4. Fill glass with cracked ice 5. Stir and serve with a mint sprig and straw Bonus tip: If you live near a Sonic, you can purchase a bag of their "nugget ice" for an even more authentic Mint Julep.The Quintessential Mint Julep

April 26, 2018 — Jason Deitz

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