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Presentation is everything. It’s a matter of consideration, and a sign that you are intentional in your decision. One way to put your best foot forward is to make sure that you’re wearing clothes that fit. Well-fitting clothing conveys that you’re in control and aware of life’s nuances. Somewhere down the line you've determined that details matter.

Although we’ve ventured into a range of products, we remain shirtmakers at heart. As shirtmakers, we believe that a slim-fitting shirt should accentuate the shape of the wearer’s body. For non-bespoke shirts, a way to achieve a better fitting shirt is through darting. Back darts are two straight seams that are added to either side of the back of a shirt. The process removes excess fabric and allows the shirt to follow the natural curve of the wearer’s back. This creates a slimmer profile and prevents the shirt from billowing over the waistline of a pair of pants. Darts can be a polarizing issue, and the discussion really comes down to personal preference. In our opinion, darts work best for specific shirt types and styles. We will only incorporate darts into our slim fit shirts that can be worn with sport coats: shirts constructed from poplin, twill, and broadcloth fabrics. Our flannels and heavier brushed oxford cloth shirts will remain dartless. Shirts with darts will explicitly be mentioned in product descriptions, as well as in the "Fit" tab on each product page. Accurate shirt sizing is more than knowing the circumference of your neck. Darts and being mindful of side seam measurements are the closest way to offer a truly slim fit shirt off-the-rack. Shop all of our slim fit shirts here.
October 07, 2014 — Ledbury