1410534850787_gq-global-street-style-sydney-11 1410534850771_gq-global-street-style-sydney-02 1410534850768_gq-global-street-style-sydney-01 When transitioning into a fall wardrobe, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Through the fall and winter, be mindful of three things: colors, fabrics and layers. We took a look at one of our favorite street style blogs, Men In This Town, for a few pointers on dressing for the months ahead. While summer is ideal for bright colors, the fall is great for earth tones, shades of orange and neutrals. Blues, purples, and muted reds will work throughout the season as well. Consider investing in a grey sweater or a camel-colored driving coat to pair with nearly everything in your wardrobe. Unfortunately, we can’t wear linen year round. For cooler temperatures, make sure you’re wearing seasonally appropriate fabrics that will keep you warm. Wool, cashmere and flannel are our three favorites. So far, we’ve released our seasonal Tailored Collection, which features several cashmere sport coats constructed from both 100% virgin wool and wool-cashmere blends. Later this month, we will release our seasonal collection of casual flannel shirts. Layering is the epitome of fall dressing. It’s a time-tested way to push your look a little further into the new season without the constraint of a heavy winter coat. We suggest going with a triptych approach: three layers. Start with a shirt as a foundation, add a sweater, and then top things off with a sport coat. The gentleman in the oxblood sport coat (as seen on the left) pulls this look off exceptionally well. Color, fabrics and layers are the most crucial elements of fall dressing. Take note of the styling on each product page for outfitting advice. For additional advice, the members of our Customer Experience team are always on hand to offer suggestions on how to style all of our products. Feel free to contact them via email at customer-service@ledbury.com or by phone at 1-888-233-1942. All photographs appear courtesy of Giuseppe Santamaria of Men In This Town for GQ Magazine. The new Men In This Town eponymous book is now available. Learn more and order your copy here.
October 05, 2014 — Ledbury