B03U6014-i B03U5611 The final stretch of our journey brought us to a small factory in Mantua, Italy, where our tailored collection of blazers and sport coats are produced. There, craftsmen with a passion for the art of tailoring have been stitching sport coats and suits in a century-old workshop for four generations. As with all of our clothing, we gave ourselves the hard rule that each collection must be as good as our shirts. Working closely with Italian craftsmen, we developed a collection of sport coats that are modern in fit, classic in style, and detailed in construction. In terms of fabrics, we select wool, cotton and cashmere weaves from some of Italy’s most prestigious mills – Colombo, Cerruti and Loro Piana. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The relationships that we’ve forged with the finest craftspeople and artisans in the world mean everything to our brand. Over the years, we have developed deep relationships with these men and women, who have become not only partners, but also colleagues and friends. We’re on a mission to create the world’s greatest garments, and this wouldn’t be possible without them. This fall, we traveled to Europe with a small film crew to document the friends and colleagues that help bring our products to life. Revisit our journey here.
December 06, 2014 — Ledbury