With the close of the year we wrapped up the “Short Run Shirting.” We hope that everyone enjoyed the collection and we definitely appreciate the thoughts and feedback. It was a lot of fun for us to experiment with different cuffs, collars, and fabrics. We are happy to report that a least 8 shirts are going to be introduced in the core collection. Personal favorites would be: The Jackson Denim (I can’t believe how much I wear this shirt. I often match it with a blue blazer and I even wore it out with jeans before Christmas as a nod to our neighbors to the north). The Shelby Corduroy (Some folks scoffed at our making a corduroy shirt. A Customer commented “Are you trying to make me look like my grandfather?”), but all it takes is one feel of this fabric to be a believer. It’s so incredibly thin waled and soft that the shirt has become a weekend staple. It’s also one of the few fabrics that we will not reveal its source. We have to keep some secrets… The Black Parker Gingham (I never have been a big believer in black shirts, but the pattern and the collar of this shirt won me over. Now it’s a personal favorite and soon to be a regular on the racks at Ledbury). So that’s it for Short Run, but plenty more shirts/experiments to come. Look for the fire hose to be turned on mid-February and the introduction of 50 new shirts this Spring….
December 30, 2011 — Ledbury