With so many great restaurants to choose from, what more could a foodie city ask for? Well, perhaps a full-service artisanal butcher shop. Luckily for us in Richmond, we can find this at Belmont Butchery.

Swiss-trained chef and master butcher, Tanya Cauthen opened Belmont Butchery in the fall of 2006. Before the butchery, it was possible to order premium cuts of meat at a handful of Richmond restaurants, but as consumers, we lacked options for cuts we could cook at home and the thought of a neighborhood butcher was somewhat of an anomaly. Fortunately, Tanya’s timing couldn’t have been better, coming on the heels of Alton Brown’s inspired conscious food movement. The name of the game at Belmont Butchery is locally-sourced, pasture-raised, grass-fed and dry-aged. Walk into the butchery on any given day and you’ll find Tanya and her staff breaking down a full animal into roasts, chops and steaks. Whether you’re looking for a flatiron steak, short ribs or oxtail, there are over 200 cuts of meat available daily. Tanya and her staff are on a first-name basis with much of their clientele, always knowing exactly what to recommend. She doesn’t just want you to know that she sells the finest meats in the city, but she also wants you to know where the meats were sourced and the particular flavor profiles of each cut. A visit to Belmont Butchery is an opportunity to see the process and learn the origin and quality of the meat first hand. Summer is here and there’s no better time to enjoy a premium cut of meat hot off the grill. If you're setting out to impress by way of the grill, Tanya recommends a beefsteak Florentine - this classic porterhouse cut gives you meat from both sides of the bone, a flavorful skirt steak or one of their jalapeño and cheddar sausages. Belmont Butchery is located at 15 North Belmont Avenue.
July 11, 2013 — Ledbury