A great white dress shirt is the foundation of any man's wardrobe, and our obsession over creating the perfect dress shirt means we have a range of excellent choices for you. How should you decide which one is right for you? 

All of our dress shirts come with our Ledbury structured collar, which keeps your collar from collapsing when worn without a tie. A slightly lowered second button creates the perfect "v" at the neckline, and reinforcing interlinings inside the collar band and both sides of the placket ensure your collar stays standing tall. 

When choosing a white dress shirt, consider the weight of the fabric, the weave of the material, and the addition of non-iron treatment as differentiating factors. 

While we have several weaves available in our dress shirts, our favorite white shirts are made of fine twill. It is most easily recognized by the diagonal texture created by the weave structure. We love twill for dress shirts in particular because it is very soft and drapes well throughout the day without wrinkling as easily. It is also typically a bit thicker than a poplin or other plain weave fabrics and avoids being sheer even in white, all while being a versatile mid-weight. In short, twill keeps you comfortable and looking your best all day long. 

Our four bestselling white dress shirts are all fine twill, but there are some key differentiating factors. Read on to decide which option is best for you. 


For warmer climates: The Madison Fine Twill 

The White Madison Fine Twill with Smoke Buttons Custom Shirt Custom Dress Shirt- Ledbury

Our most popular and versatile dress shirt. It is the lightest weight white dress shirt of the collection, while still being substantial enough to drape well and avoid appearing sheer. The Madison is also treated with a very light, easy-to-iron treatment to keep the wrinkles at bay. This is an excellent option for those living in warmer climates, preparing for an outdoor summer wedding, or for those who simply prefer a light weight fabric. 

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The all-season workhorse: The Signature Fine Twill 

The White Signature Fine Twill Custom Shirt Custom Dress Shirt- Ledbury

Slightly thicker and with a more visible diagonal weave texture than the Madison, our Signature Fine Twill is the gold standard at Ledbury. Crafted from luxurious European-woven mid weight fine twill, the fabric exemplifies sophistication. It has body that holds its shape wear after wear and has a similar easy-to-iron treatment as the Madison for wrinkle reduction. It is the perfect year-round dress shirt and it works well in every environment, from the boardroom to the orchestra. 

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The luxurious heavyweight: The King Fine Twill 

The White King Fine Twill Custom Shirt Custom Dress Shirt- Ledbury

The King Twill is our most substantial dress shirt. The European woven twill boasts more body and weight than our other fine twills and is sure to keep its shape impeccably all day long. It also features our light easy-care treatment to reduce wrinkles. The King Twill feels solid and durable while also being ultra-comfortable and luxurious. This is the right choice for you if you live in a cooler climate or simply prefer a more substantial feel. This shirt also features mother of pearl buttons - a small detail that adds an elevated touch. 

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The non-iron standby: The Sanders Non Iron 

The White Sanders Non Iron Fine Twill Custom Shirt Custom Dress Shirt- Ledbury

The Sanders is a great mid-weight option, also created in a smooth fine twill fabric. However this shirt has been treated with a true non-iron finish, meaning it is the most wrinkle resistant of all our fine twill dress shirt styles. The Sanders is ultra-smooth and is suitable for any season of the year. The fabric has more sheen than the Madison, Signature, and King Fine Twills, without being over the top. It’s a great option for the office, a wedding, or travel, when you need to look your best all day long. 

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Still unsure which shirt is right for you? Feel free to reach out to our customer service team via our chat widget or by email at customer-service@ledbury.com. You can shop all of our white shirts here. And be sure to check out our full collection of dress shirts including solid colors, checks, tattersalls, stripes and more here

April 24, 2024 — Caitlin Halberstadt